How to Feed Birds in Winter: 5 Effective Ways

How to Feed Birds in Winter: 5 Effective Ways

Every season has its own special challenges and dangers. In winter, the birds need food that is both nutritious and easy for them to digest. The birds like seeds, nuts, and suet, which provide them with everything they need to sustain themselves.

In this article, we're going to give you tips on how to feed birds in winter. We'll show you which types of food are best for feeding your feathered friends with winter's chilly temperatures. As well as 4 effective ways to feed your birds year-round!

5 Effective Ways to Feed Birds in Winter

  1. Suet
  2. Nuts
  3. Seeds
  4. Fruit and berries
  5. Feeders

Types of food that are best for winter

When it's cold outside, the birds need food that is easy to digest. This food should also be nutritious and provide them with what they need to sustain themselves in winter. We recommend seeds, nuts, and suet for these types of winter foods because they are all full of protein and vitamins. If you're looking for more variety though, try whole-wheat bread or corn on the cob to keep your birds healthy this winter!

4 Effective Ways to Feed Birds Year-Round.

  1. Feed dry food.
  2. Offer water.
  3. Provide fresh water sources, like bird baths or hot water in a shallow dish. When it's freezing, try to break the bigger pieces of ice, so the birds have easy access to peck the smaller pieces of ice. 
  4. Provide safe shelter from the cold temperatures and windy gusts with bird houses, trees, or shrubs near feeders to offer refuge against the elements.