Growing vegetables, herbs and fruit in your own vegetable garden is extremely popular. It's no wonder since it's a fun, healthy, and fulfilling hobby. And we don't have to tell you that everything you grow yourself tastes a lot better than the food from the supermarket. Home-grown products do not contain any additives, which means they're incredibly healthy for your body and the environment. If you think maintaining a vegetable garden is complicated, you're wrong! You can start a vegetable garden anywhere: in a large garden, small garden, balcony, and even terrace. At Ahern Nurseries & Plant Centre, you can buy vegetable garden plants, vegetable seeds, and more to enjoy sweet peppers, spinach, carrots, lettuce, and cherry tomatoes. Yum!



How to start a vegetable garden

Harvesting vegetables from your garden is hugely satisfying. You'll revolutionise your tastebuds: food picked just minutes before it's on your plate has a colour, flavour, and crunchiness that must be experienced to be believed. Would you like to buy seeds and plants for your vegetable garden, or are you still planning on beginning one? We have a piece of advice for you to enjoy all your fresh vegetables to the fullest:

  • Most vegetables prefer a sunny spot. There are a few exceptions, so make sure always to check the preferences listed on the package;
  • Keep an eye out for the snails;
  • Always make sure weeds don't 'steal' the water and nutrients from your crops;
  • Sow vegetables in rows and choose a spot with little wind;
  • Also, keep birds away with, for example, nets;
  • Cover young plants with fleece if there is a risk of night frost.

Why growing vegetables is a great idea

We live in a time when we have to deal with thousands of impressions every day. There is hardly any time to relax. A hobby that is very useful and very relaxing is a welcome addition to our stressful lives. After all, everyone knows that getting your hands dirty and working in nature helps you relax and unwind. The 'work-our' and fresh air is also a nice bonus. In addition, it is a very sustainable hobby. After all, a trip to the supermarket where all those pre-packaged vegetables are waiting for you isn't necessary anymore. What could be more fun than watching tiny seeds grow into delicious dishes? Your home-grown harvest tastes better anyway! Visit our garden centre in Kilmallock, Limerick, for our complete range of vegetable garden products. Our green experts are very willing to help you out.



Vegetable garden tips & tricks

It's essential to keep a few things in mind to make your vegetable gardening adventure a success. For example, you can't just randomly scatter a few seeds next to each other. Your vegetable garden deserves a thought out plan and some sun, water, love and attention.

  • Each vegetable plant demands something different from its soil. Take a good look at the packaging of the seeds. It almost always contains the correct soil type.
  • Check beforehand whether certain seeds are suitable as neighbours. After all, several fruit and vegetables prefer not to be near each other, for example, because of a particular smell that they repel. This can scare off valuable insects, which does not benefit growth.
  • Place name labels in the container or garden. This way, you will never forget which seeds you have planted.
  • In general, it can be said that spring is the best time to sow. However, always keep an eye on the weather conditions, because who knows, you might suddenly have to deal with night frost.
  • Don't forget to keep the vegetable garden well moist and fertilise every few months.

Planting seed potatoes

From early spring on, we stock seed potatoes, plus onions, shallots and garlic from sets – easy-to-handle baby bulbs to plant straight into the ground. Did you know potatoes are a very easy crop if you just started your vegetable garden? Before planting the seed potatoes, loosen the soil and dig shallow trenches from about 5 centimetres deep in clay soil or 10 centimetres deep in sandy soil. Make sure there is sufficient distance between the rows, about 70 centimetres. When the potatoes develop sprouts after a week or two, it's crucial to push some of the soil in between the rows toward the plants. This way, the potato plant produces more stems and potatoes.

Are you ready to get those hands dirty? Start a vegetable garden with our seeds and plants. Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Co. Limerick for more information and advice about growing vegetables. We are here to help!

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