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Humans don't differ that much from our plants, trees and shrubs. After all, in addition to water and light, our green friends also need other nutrients to grow, bloom and bear the most delicious fruit. Thanks to the natural process of dying plants and, with the help of insects, spores and fungi, their decomposition, these nutrients automatically enter the soil. This natural cycle can sometimes be disrupted, or the soil unexpectedly becomes exhausted. Therefore, it is essential to be extra kind to everything that grows and blooms and to spoil them with just that little bit of extra care. The 'tastiest' soil and the right fertilisers can make the difference between a small, slow-growing plant and a colourful and flowering, fast-growing garden eyecatcher. There's a vast range of bagged composts, soil improvers and fertilisers at Ahern Nurseries & Plant Centre to keep (container) plants, trees and shrubs happy and your soil in excellent health.

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What does my plant need?

Every plant needs specific minerals and trace elements to grow and bloom at its best. These nutrients are dissolved in water and absorbed by the plant through the roots. That is why water, light and air are essential for your garden plants. The primary nutrients are:

  • N (nitrogen) is necessary for optimal growth and to make sure your plant looks the greenest.
  • In addition to flowering, P (phosphorus) promotes the formation of healthy roots and the maturation of seeds.
  • K (potassium) contributes to the absorption and evaporation of water and is vital for the sturdiness of a plant.
  • Ca (calcium) largely determines the strength of the cell wall and regulates water absorption.
  • Mg (magnesium) is necessary for the chlorophyll of your garden plants.

You will find products from great brands in which the above substances are found in our product range. After all, all are important for a long, happy and healthy life for your greenery. If you have any questions about the right fertiliser for your situation, you can always contact one of our employees. 

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Buy your soil improvers and fertilisers from Ahern

Organic fertilisers have been used for many years to improve the soil. By using organic fertiliser, you add not only nutrients but also improve the structure of your soil. Some soil improvers contain many nutrients, and others are more aimed at improving the soil structure. Think, for example, of peat products. Mix with your soil when planting and mulch the surface to suppress weeds and hold in moisture. Fertilisers include liquid feeds such as liquid seaweed and tomato feed to encourage flowering and fruiting. Add slow-release fertilisers such as bonemeal to planting holes and mix granular feeds into potting composts for feed-and-go convenience. Get good advice from one of our employees in Limerick. They know everything about soil and fertilisers.

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What soil or fertiliser do my garden plants need?

If you want to enjoy your plants to the fullest, it is crucial to place them in the proper garden and potting soil. A healthy garden plant starts with a good and healthy soil base. As a result, your garden plants will grow well, and your vegetable garden will suffice with delicious vegetables and fruit. Your houseplants also deserve the proper basis. We sell potting soil for specific planting. The needs of your plants differ: do they prefer acidic or calcareous soil, for example? Should the soil be sandy and dry? Our employees in our garden centre have a suitable soil type for every type of plant. Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Co. Limerick for more information and advice about composts and fertilisers. We are happy to help!

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