Trees and shrubs

You can buy the most beautiful shrubs and trees at Ahern Nurseries & Plant Centre! They look great in any garden, no matter how big or small. Do you want a romantic garden with that stylish jungle vibe, or would you like a modern garden with symmetrical flower beds and tightly pruned boxwoods or yews? The possibilities are endless with the trees and shrubs that we grow in our nursery! Come and get some inspiration for your garden project.

A tree or shrub for every garden

When you had to draw a tree as a child, it often turned out to be a thick brown rectangle topped with a cloud of green scribbles. This is still the iconic image of what a tree should be for many. However, there are many types of trees that, at first glance, have little in common. Just look up! For example, there are these large, mature trees that can mainly be found in public gardens and parks, and there are more subtle species that adorn your compact garden. Every garden should have a tree: they're beautiful plants in their own right, but they also provide valuable privacy and often give you flowers, fruit, and spectacular autumn leaf colour.


The advantages of planting a tree or shrub

When one thinks of planting a tree or large shrubs, the negative aspects quickly come to mind for many. According to some, a tree makes the garden look smaller, provides unwanted shade and can be a reason for neighbour disputes. However, there are also many advantages that, in our opinion, do not outweigh the disadvantages:

  • A tree or shrubs is a real attention grabber. A tree stands out and makes your garden unique.
  • The course of the seasons can be seen in trees and shrubs. A nice view all year round!
  • It gives height and depth differences to your garden, making it appear larger.
  • A well-planted garden with healthy trees and plants will increase the value of your home.
  • A tree is ideal for hiding the not-so-good-looking elements in the garden.
  • A tree is a windcatcher that filters dust and noise pollution from the air.
  • A tree is a nice playground to climb, swing, or laze in a hammock.
  • Green makes people calm and helps them to relax.
  • Planting a tree or shrub is good for the environment.

Green is healthy for you and planet earth

Let's zoom in on that last point on our list. As you know, us humans are giving Mother Nature a rough time. Weather conditions are becoming extreme, and the pressure on sewers is increasing. In addition, it's becoming a garden trend to avoid using plants and favour using tiles as a groundcover. People want as little maintenance as possible. Too bad! Without plants, shrubs and trees, a garden just looks plain boring, and biodiversity is in danger. Where should all the birds, butterflies and insects get their food? The tree or shrub is therefore essential for our climate and environment. A tree provides shade on hot days. Not only for the garden, birds and the people who sit or play underneath but also for the building over which its shadow falls. This, in turn, saves the use of air conditioning and, therefore, energy. The soil dries out less quickly in the shade and blocks UV radiation. A tree or shrubs also serves as a shelter for birds and insects, effectively converts CO2 into oxygen, and purifies other particles from the air.

Small garden trees

Visit Ahern Nurseries & Plant Centre in Limerick for the best trees and shrubs

Shrubs provide a framework for your garden: evergreen shrubs, in particular, are a constant backdrop to other plants, giving weight and depth to your design. Extend the season with winter-flowering witch hazels or Christmas box, and add explosions of summer flowers with roses, hydrangeas or flowering quince. A shrub can be used as a garden divider. This allows you to realize a cosy garden with different visually attractive corners, making your garden even more unique. Many other shrubs can be found at Ahern in Limerick, including the Forsythia, Ribes, laurel and boxwood. Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Limerick for more information and advice about choosing and growing trees and shrubs.

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