Create a garden inside your house with our beautiful houseplants' lush greenery and flowers. A houseplant gives your living room, kitchen, home office or bedroom an exceptionally cosy atmosphere. By now, almost everyone knows that houseplants have a positive effect - and not just because they brighten up your interior. They also improve your quality of life. Green is healthy! Houseplants have been proven to increase productivity and promote creativity and improve air quality, pump feel-good oxygen back into the air, and reduce stress. So spoil yourself with a collection of houseplants! At Ahern Nurseries  Plant Centre, we have a very extensive range of gorgeous houseplants.

A houseplant for every room

In our garden centre, you'll find all kinds of tall, spiky, flowering or large-leaved houseplants. We always keep up with the trends since we know that adding a few houseplants to your home is a must these days. Our green experts are committed to finding the perfect plant for you. Most plants just require a little bit of love and attention, but, in return, they give your enjoyment for years to come! There is a suitable plant for every room in the house, and we'll, of course, be happy to advise you. In the living room, you may prefer decorative plants, while an air-purifying plant could feel more at home in the study.

A little piece of advice: no plant can withstand drafts and large temperature fluctuations. Is it freezing outside when you buy a plant? We pack the plant for you. That way, it won't catch a cold!

Find everything you need for your plant at Ahern Nurseries & Plant Centre

Whatever your style, a houseplant is always an excellent addition! Pick out a good-looking container for your houseplants from the range in our garden centre to really show off their beauty. In the right setting, the impossibly exotic flowers of orchids or the strange, waxy bloom of an anthurium can stop you in your tracks. In terms of colours, gold, silver, green and earth tones are all the rage when picking out the right container. We also have various types of potting soil and plant food, even for a specific plant. Special potting soil contains extra nutrients, ensuring that the plants get an extra boost. We have everything to give your plant a perfect home!

Buy your favourite houseplant in Limerick

By adding one or more houseplants to your interior, you bring a piece of nature from the outside indoors - all year round. There is often little greenery outside in the colder autumn and winter period. How nice is it to let some dazzling green plants shine in your home? Most houseplants like a light and bright spot. Mist regularly with water to keep humidity high - you'll find hand misters in our garden centre. Just make sure the water isn't too hot or too cold. The plant can be repotted in the spring. Carefully read the care tips that come with the plant in question. Come and visit us in Limerick, and get informed and inspired. Please ask the staff in our garden centre for more information and advice about our range of houseplants.

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