Annual plants are here today, gone tomorrow party girls. That sounds a bit degrading, but honestly, they are one of our favourite plant groups. Annuals will take your garden to a more colourful, fun, flourishing, and visually attractive level. With these life-of-the-party plants, you can give your outdoor space a new look every season. Put some annuals in the border or give a flower pot a fantastic new look... The possibilities are endless! At Ahern Nurseries & Plant Centre, you'll find an astonishing range of annual plants to make the most of your garden.

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What exactly are annuals?

An annual plant completes its life cycle within the same year that the plant is sown. Therefore, as a rule, they do not live longer than a year. They may have just one season in the sun, but what a season: they flower for an incredibly long time and are invariably so spectacularly beautiful you'll lose your heart to them. They also require relatively little care afterwards. Place them between the perennials for a visually exciting picture. Here are a few of our favourites!

Hardy annuals:

  • Alyssum: lacy white flowers, sweetly scented
  • Poached egg plant (Limnanthes douglasii): cheery yellow-and-white flowers
  • Sweet William: A well known and loved plant enjoying a bit of a revival
  • Mysotis: better known as Forget-me-nots, powder-blue flowers in abundance
  • Nasturtiums: abundant red, orange or creamy flowers over rounded leaves

Half-hardy annuals:

  • Cosmos: large pink, purple and white daisy type flowers with yellow centres on long stems
  • Marigolds: A classic available in brilliant scarlets, yellows and oranges
  • Impatiens: Busy Lizzies are ideal for that shaded spot but not before June
  • Nemesia: another perfect container plant with pretty, delicate blooms
  • Tobacco plant (Nicotiana): charming open flowers in pink, cream and green over big leafy rosettes



How to take care of annuals?

Annual flowers and plants bring colour and fragrance to your garden all summer long. Every annual plant is unique in its own way and therefore has its own requirements for watering or its preferred spot in the garden. Always read the description that comes with the plant you buy. It is best to plant the annual bedding plants after frost. If you want to plant them in pots and containers sooner, place them indoors during night frost. It is best to cover plants in the ground with a cover temporarily. Almost all annual plants prefer a new home with lots of sun and a spot where there is not too much wind. It is also essential the planter has good drainage. Drill some holes in the bottom of the pot if your planter doesn't already have those. This way, excess water drains from the pot, and your beloved annuals cannot drown.

Water, light, love and... Soil improvers!

Most annuals prefer rich, well-drained soil. We love to help you find the right (potting) soil for your plants at our Plant Centre. If it's not already in the potting soil mix, you can add natural slow-release fertiliser at planting time if you want your annual to live its best life. You, of course, want to enjoy its scent and colour all summer long! Come and ask for advice at Ahern and get inspired! Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Co. Limerick for more information and advice about choosing and growing annuals.

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