Growing Amaryllis Bulbs

Growing Amaryllis Bulbs

Get festive by growing Amaryllis bulbs (Hippeastrum) for an extravagant bloom that is simply stunning and a great benefit is how easy it is to grow! The big, lousy blooms of the Amaryllis can be in many different colours, mostly white to red and some with stripes as well. Tall stems with glossy foliage adorn hold the big blooms, so they stand out for everyone to see. Here’s how to grow them: 

Growing Amaryllis bulbs is easy 

Amaryllis bulbs are one of the easiest to grow; they really are simple to plant and take care of. You will just need some excellent quality potting soil in which you plant the bulb. You will notice the bulbs are huge and only need to be planted two thirds into the soil, ideally in a pot of up to 8 inches. When you plant the bulb and pat the soil to firm it down, it’s a good idea to also add in a support cane as the stem gets very tall and the flowers can get top-heavy and topple over. If you put the support in at this point, you will ensure you don’t damage the bulb and roots later on when they are established. 

You will likely see your first blooms between 6 to 10 weeks depending on the variety, and you will be surprised at how fast they grow. The new shoots that appear through the neck of the vase are fantastic to observe as they grow straight up fast. 

Care for your growing Amaryllis bulb

Make sure the pot is placed in a space where there is bright light but not directly onto the plant. It won’t need much water until you see the new green shoot has grown a few inches at which point you can start to water it weekly. To make sure the stem grows straight, just turn the pot every few days, so it doesn't grow in one direction towards the light. 

Growing your Amaryllis bulb again

When the flowers fade, you can cut them off then a little later cut the stem back to about one inch from the neck of the bulb. Foliage will grow throughout the following spring and summer until it dies back and you stop watering it. Please place it in a cool, dry, dark cupboard for 8 weeks and bring it out when you are ready to start all over again. Then re-pot in new potting compost and watch it grow again. Depending on the size of the bulb, you could see more than one stem grow each growing cycle and be dazzled with numerous flowers. They really are stunning flowers to grow, especially at this time of year. 

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